Last 4th April, represives spanish cops started the denomined opreation PUMA 70 in order to arrest, impute, intimidate, and criminalize as many people as possible.

This persecution, meaning policial revenge, has resulted the arrestment and admit in preventive prison of Ismael, a young guy 18 years old, citizen from a town in the south of Madrid.

We demand the inmediate freedom without charges and absolution of Isma.

Our partner  has become one of the objetives of the spanish state repression, thanks in large part, to the media disinformation’s criminalization at their service.

Of course, we also demand that was respected the basic principle of the innocence’s pressumption, which a lot of people and mass media have opted to deny him.

We won’t stand idly against this attempts to browbeat to everybody who fight against the capital’s dictatorship, and her injustices. Peoples and individuals’ self-defenses against all their tiranny is a fundamental right that we’ll never resign. Their autoritarism isn’ more than other example  that this system only can maintain by violence and police repression.

From Plataforma por la Libertad de Isma make a call to all yours and specially to everybody who decided to manifest last 22nd March in Madrid so that, between everybody, could liberate Ismael from the kidnapping suffering. The Marches for the Dignity can’t cease the walking of of our partner, and we ask them that they do all as possible for the freedom of Ismael.

This persecution to everybody who rebel against their established regime mustn’t do more than to increase our strenght and unity, and for that,  we won’t rest until get the freedom and absolution of Isma.


Plataforma por la Libertad de Isma | @Libertad_Isma
Plataforma por la Libertad de Isma





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