The past march 22 all the columns from the Marches for Dignity arrived at Madrid to

culminate the journey with a day of protest that filled all the streets in Madrid with an

immense amount of people.

Shortly before the end of the protest, the riot unit (UIP) form the police charged against the

bulk of the concentration at 20:40h in a Columbus Square that was crowded with people

still waiting to finalize the proceedings.

We understand this acttitud as disproportionate, as they loaded against all the people that

was there, using thier bodies, as well as tear gas and rubber balls, an action form which is

only responsible the goverment delegation in Madrid and police officers.

From all the detentions that took place on March 22, in which the detainees suffered

abused, only Miguel – 21 years old – entered prison (preventive detention) despite to have

family and social ties, and no police record bfore this icident. This extreme and unnecesary

measure makes it difficult to ensure legal assistance on his trial.

The argument of “social alarm” generated by this case, fueled artificially, seems to be the

only motive to keep him in prison, despite having no objective differences between the

offenses with which he is charged respect to the other defendants in the same proceeding.

The story continues with a second list of arrests as part of the called Operation Puma-

70, in which more than 10 people were arrested and only one went into prison (preventive

detention): Isma 18 years old, from the south of Madrid. Also without police records, him

too is being kept in prison as they keep Miguel, with the same lack of concurrence of the

elements necessary to justify a such action.

In first place we demand the release of Isma and Miguel, so as absolution of all detainees

on March 22 and Operation Puma-70. We further consider Miguel and Isma are

scapegoats, because of the huge media reach, that The Marches for Dignity were able to


We believe this strikes openly with the assaults by the police, in which there is no agent

imputed, even if those interventions, a protester lost one testicle and another one lost an

eye, because of the rubber bullets that were improperly fired.

To this we add the criminalization campaignin which false evidence was presented by the

police as the familiarly called crutch-sword.

We demand the immediate release of Miguel and Isma and the absolution of all

those arrested on March 22.



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